I’m not an actor, I’m not a writer, I don’t paint, sculp or make films but have given all of them a go at some time in the past. I once went to an audition and was paired with an escaped convict who needed somewhere to be for a day. It was for Eastenders and I didn’t even get a walk on part despite my best efforts. Neither did he.

I am a sometime exceptional guitarist, singer, songwriter, and ex-band member. The best you’ve never heard!

I have from an early age wanted to make music and on that score I have had more success. As a solo artist my biggest claim to fame is that I supported Jeff Buckley when he first arrived in the uk. Before he hit the big time.  He was amazing to watch and higly complementary of my work.  I was about 19 at the time.  I also did gigs at The Red Lion as part of the Parnassus Poets group which led to gigs at The Sir George Robey in Finsbury Park and Bunjis, Litchfield Street.  This in turn led to being asked by to make a guest appearance on an song by Peter Cadle. Valuable experience for an aspiring guitarist. 

Then I went to University in Portsmouth and had a cracking three years playing in venues around the south of England. I competed in two battle of the bands at The Wedgewood Rooms and came second, formed various groups and played a number of pubs and clubs including the student union.  I kept in touch with the old venues and from time to time would pop back to London with my trusty Acoustic guitar for a floor spot or two!

After University I moved back to Stevenage and became the guitarist in a very cool hip and groovy party band called Hot and Horny reaching the giddy hights of playing the Readers Digest Christmas do in Canary Wharf. From there I joined my mates band Loomer and enjoyed playing in such classic venues as Sound@LeicesterSquare, The Bull and Gate, The VergeThe Square , Club 85 and Bedford Esquires, supporting the likes of Miss Black America and Mohair We even almost got signed by Fierce Panda! Imagine that!

Around this time I invested in some state of the art digital recording equipment, a drum machine, a bass guitar and a keyboard.  I was now able to make my own recordings at home and soon put them to good use.   I went on to write, record and produce the soundtrack for a film starring Helena RomanBarbara D’Alterio, Mike Busson, Alex Howard and a cameo by Burt Kwouk, which went by the name of “The Occupier,” for which I only asked for a credit and which has dissapeared off the face of the Earth along with the director/producer Daniel Smith. I have the only “first cut” copy that I know about safely tucked away in a box in the loft. Waiting for the day I hear my work and can sue someone for noise theivery.

I also provided the soundtrack for a corporate advertising campaign for Prosperity 4 Ltd.

After a few moves of home the recording eqipment was packed away for a rainy day.  I went on to teach Guitar in my spare time and put a number of pupils through the  RGT sylabus Grades 1 – 6 music and TAB theory.

However, those days are gone and I have a far more respectable life but I have never lost the need to be creative and since my university years, I have kept a journal in some format or other.

Then, one day, a good friend from many years ago got back in touch on Facebook and we now send each other cd’s, a sort of monthly music diary. The rules are (appart from “we do not talk about it”) are “we do not talk about it” and that anything goes and it’s not limited to music. It brought about a change in me and he unknowingly helped me through a particualry difficult time. For that I say “ahhh haaaa”

I will also be putting any new tunes up here so take the time and give it a listen, read and comment.

The rules are anything goes.




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